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Kayley Couture Sustainable Packaging

Widespread usage of single-use packaging containers has resulted in a heavy burden on the environment, and the management of packaging waste is facing a crisis due to two unresolved challenges. Most businesses don't realize the impact packaging has on our planet's future, on our children's future.

For that reason, Kayley Couture has joined a global effort to reduce CO2 emissions and push forward climate change efforts. From this year, Kayley Couture Australia will only use Hero Packaging is an Australian based company that have saved over 3,000,000 plastic mailers from entering the planet. On a daily basis, they send over 4000 HEROPACKs around the world, and it is increasing rapidly! 

We dream and work for a better world, to make it a better place for those that we love the most: our future generations. Join us in our effort.

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