Our designs are vintage inspired that reflect cherished memories of ours and our past eras childhood days. The designs are sweet, dainty, fun and nostalgic. From beautiful floral prints to retro, our clothes will surely stand out. We also made sure our clothes are wearable, functional and suitable for kids from playdates to formal and special occasions.                           

Based in Gold Coast, Australia this small business was established on October, 2019.

Jen, the owner and founder of KC (Kayley Couture) is a stay-at-home mum who loves vintage fashion.

 "For the longest time I have been working in the corporate world. When I settled down and became a stay-at-home mum, I became so obsessed with vintage inspired clothing and I love dressing up my little girl Elisha Kayley. 

I am very picky with what my kids wear and I would not sell anything that I won't let my own daughter wear. "

All our clothes were made to the highest quality. Each dress was carefully designed and fabrics were premium quality and handpicked.   

KC pretties are handmade and are prewashed. We want to make sure our clothes will last, clothing to wear and love, to then pass on to the next generation to follow. 

I co-design and pick the style of dresses, and all are ethically handmade in a family home in the Philippines. 

 "My goal is to make sure that your little girl will feel special by wearing beautiful handmade dresses. I believe every girl is a princess and my dream is to see a lot of princesses wearing KC."

Owner & Founder of Kayley Couture Australia