Unicorn Pop It Bag
Unicorn Pop It Bag
Unicorn Pop It Bag
Unicorn Pop It Bag
Unicorn Pop It Bag

Unicorn Pop It Bag

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Mixing fashion and fun!

Mini bag/ purse 

4 colours available: Rose Pink, Multi Coloured, Pink and White

Benefits of pop it/ popper toys:

1. The popper is a good anxiety stress reliever to calm anxious behaviour. Sensory fidget poppers can give calmness providing something external to focus on.

The repetitive motion of spinning, clicking, or rolling fidget toys can boost concentration and productivity because of their calming effect. The pop bubble fidget toys can also help calm anxiety by providing an outlet for energy.

2. The popping bubbles fidget toy are good for kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD, or Autism Special Needs.

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety, you’re probably always spotting them fidgeting, restlessly tapping feet on the floor, or fingers on the desk.  That’s where fidget toys can help a child (or adult) who has a hard time focusing. Sensory bubble toys can help them with concentration and attention, just like how adults play with a pen when they’re trying to listen to something. Push pop bubble sensory fidget toy helps them to concentrate, focus, and learn by giving their hands or bodies something to do with.

3. The pop fidget toys are helping kids with Autism Special Needs or sensory disorders. 

Fidget toys like Popping bubbles have been used by health care professionals as a way of helping children who have anxiety or sensory disorders. Sensory fidget toys activate one or more of our senses, such as our sight, hearing, or sense of touch.

4. The popping bubbles are great intelligent toy gifts for your kids.

The best fidget toys can keep hands busy whilst helping to develop fine motor skills, concentration, tactile awareness,  visual perception skills, color and size discrimination.



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